By | April 28, 2019
11 May 2019 today 50 spin and 2 million coin for coin master




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coinmaster 22 april 2019 10 free sp


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Cards For Chest


After completing of coinfan festival cards of chest is available for only 4 hrs . in thos offer you can exchenge your duplicate card for chests . in offer period you can choose the amount of cards you want to exchange . then below the coinmaster shown you you have how many cards . if you want a wooden chest then you can to give 30 stars of card to coinmaster . if youu wnt golden chest then you most  have to pay 80 stars of cards . similarlly if you want magical chest then you must have to pay 200 stars of cards to coinmaster . Coinmaster clearlly mensoined star exchange will not decries your XP .





Bet Blast



when the cards of chest is running at the same time the bet blast also running in this offer you can increase your bet up to 50 X like 5X , 8X , 10X , 15X , 20X , 25X , 30X , 40X , 50X .If you play with 50 X then you can get the reward multipiul with 50 .




Attack Pack


The attack pack is here in this offer you can buyy 60 spin , one pet snacks and 500 XP only at 70 rupees with 80 % of discount the original price of this is 350 rupees . when you playing active the tiger and get more coins durring the attaack  .



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